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Journey to Justice


  • To provide a voice for the community on issues such as crime, justice, prevention, harm, restitution and many more.


  • To provide the community with a place where questions can be raised, experiences can be shared, and healing can be sought.


  • To provide the community with the knowledge and skills required to tackle these difficult questions.


  • To provide the opportunity for the community to interact with prisoners.


Program Information

Journey to Justice is a group of community volunteers dedicated to exploring issues of justice. As a group we will walk together as we explore the meaning and purpose of issues like rehabilitation, reconciliation, restitution, forgiveness, accountability, prevention, punishment and many more, all from the perspective of a community. This will be done through restorative justice activities such as listening exercises, storytelling workshops, sharing circles, presentations from professionals in the field, and most importantly, sharing with each other. This will be a place where the voice of the community is heard.

At the same time St. Leonard’s Society of Winnipeg will gather together a group of prisoners in Stony Mountain Institute who will be walking a similar path, participating in the same exercises and exploring the same issues from their perspective. As these groups grow they will be brought together. This will provide both with an opportunity to share their experiences and ideas and give opportunity to work together towards better health for all. These two groups will also have the opportunity to work together on a project - something practical that can in some small way allow the offenders to give back to society in a form other than fulfilling a prison term.

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